Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Green Business Insurance?
    First, we are not climatologists nor do we promote ourselves as environmentalists. We are experienced insurance professionals. From an insurance perspective, be believe green businesses are lead-by, and hire, conciencious employees and are less likely to report insurance claims then non-green businesses. This is a highly desirable characteristic to insurance carriers and should result in lower insurance rates for green businesses.
  • Do many insurance companies believe green businesses deserve lower rates?
    Not yet, but that is our goal. There are a handful of carriers that offer green building insurance with coverage tailored to meet the needs of green buildings. However, the vast majority of insurance companies are not focused on green.
  • Does Green Business Insurance adhere to green work-habits?
    We do. We use green office products, make sure equipment is powered-down when not in use and permit telecommuting when possible. We actually have appointed a “green leader” who makes sure we are doing the right things.
  • How experienced is Green Business Insurance?
    Company leadership has 20 years of business insurance experience and the policy support team has a minimum of 7 years experience.
  • How quick can a green business get a Green Business Insurance quote?
    90% of the time proposals are emailed within 1 business day. In many cases proposals are emailed on the same day they are requested.
  • How easy is it for a green business to get a Green Business Insurance quote?
    We make every effort to minimize the time needed for a prospect to receive a quote. We try to be concise when gathering information so there is not wasted time.
  • Is there a guarantee that a green business would get better rates and coverage through Green Business Insurance?
    No. However, Green Business Insurance is committed to rewarding green businesses with lower rates. We believe it really does pay to be green.